• Our Mission

    Life is Sacred! Our mission is dedicated to replanting the Tree of Life and Mending the Sacred Hoop. We will usher in the new Living Economic System where wealth is generated by caring for our planet & caring for one another. This will allow us to heal our planet and to revitalize our global economy.

    Our Dedication

    The Earth Dollar is being issued to restore our beloved Mother Earth and to revitalize our global economies. With the Earth Dollar, we envision caring for one another and caring for the planet will be the main economy of the world. The Earth Dollar is dedicated to bringing back the Sacredness of Life; it reconnects us back to Mother Earth and to each other.


    The Earth Dollar will usher in a new enlightened decentralized “Living Economic System” centered on the preservation of life. No longer will money be an excuse any longer to end extreme poverty, to mitigate climate change, to protect our planet and for peace on Earth.


    People will now have an alternative choice between choosing to stay with the Trickle Down Economic System (aka 9 to 5 system) created during the Industrial Revolution 200 years ago. The Trickle Down Economic System that benefits only 1% of the world population is based on death, destruction, alienation, hyper-competition, enslavement, and war or they can choose our “Living Economic System”, which is centered on life.


    We do not in any way impose our values on anyone. We just offer people an alternative choice.


    “You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” - R. Buckminster Fuller

  • Our Manifesto

    Built directly into the code of the Earth Dollar are the following principles

    We envision the Earth Dollar becoming an additional decentralized sovereign global reserve currency and will supersede all national borders, countries, and political affiliations to bring climate justice and to heal our planet. Built directly into the code of the Earth Dollar are the following principles:


    1. Sovereign; 2. A Mechanism for Solving Disputes; 3. Asset Backed; 4. Benevolent; 5. Preserves Life and Embraces Love; 6. Protects Mother Earth & Takes Action on Climate Change; 7. Open; 8. Trustworthy; 9. Decentralized; 10. Speed; 11. Easy to use; 12. Equality; and 13. Anti-inflationary.

    Our Mother Earth Constitution

    Our Guiding Principles to Living in Harmony with Mother Earth

    These are our guiding principles, values and rules that govern how we live in harmony with the planet. View the Mother Earth Constitution here.

    Universal Declaration of the Rights of Mother Earth

    Mother Earth as a Legal Person

    Like Bolivia and Ecuador, we have adopted the rights of Mother Earth into the constitution of our sovereign organization and it is also a part of the Earth Tribunal. We regard Mother Earth as a legal person with all the inherent rights and legal protection that come with this designation. View the Universal Declaration of Right of Mother Earth here.

    The Universal Declaration of Human Rights

    This is the foundation of freedom, justice and peace in the world for all members of the human family

    Adopted by the United Nations General Assembly it consists of 32 articles that form the basis of International Laws and Treaties. The declaration contains our rights as human beings, and as individuals. The declaration provides legal rights, remedies, civil rights, political rights, society rights, spiritual rights, public rights, political freedoms, social rights, economic rights, and cultural rights. The Universal Declaration of Human rights can be viewed here.

    Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples

    Supports the sovereignty, self determination, cultural protection, and rights of Indigenous Peoples

    Adopted by the UN General Assembly, the UNDRIP acts as an important standard on how the world treats Indigenous Peoples around the world. The goal of the declaration is to encourage countries to work alongside indigenous peoples to solve global issues, like development, land rights, self-governance, cultural protection, democracy, and freedom. The Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples can be viewed here.

    NOTE: We do not believe in a one world government, and do not support a one world economy. However we believe in freedom, sustainable prosperity and genuine wealth for all living beings, We believe in happiness, good health, clean water, clean air, healthy environment, lush forests, thriving wildlife, caring communities, world peace, inner peace, respect for all cultures, true justice, and a better future for all beings on our planet.

    Our Values and Sacred Promise


    DIVERSITY: We believe in freedom. We do not believe in a one world government. We do not believe in a single currency. We advocate true freedom and diversity.


    PEACE ON EARTH: We shall use the Earth Dollar to bring world peace and we will not use it to intentionally finance any wars through the Earth Dollar;


    PRESERVE LIFE: We shall use the Earth Dollar to heal Mother Earth and we will not use it to intentionally caused destruction of Mother Earth through the Earth Dollar;


    PROSPERITY: We shall use the Earth Dollar to bring prosperity to all the inhabitants of Mother Earth and we will not use it intentionally to oppress any inhabitants of Mother Earth;


    CLEAN WATER: We shall use the Earth Dollar to bring clean water to all the inhabitants of Mother Earth and we will not use it intentionally to pollute our fresh water:


    CLEAN AIR: We shall use the Earth Dollar to make our air free from pollution for all the inhabitants of Mother Earth and we will not use it intentionally to pollute our air;


    CLEAN ENVIRONMENT: We shall use the Earth Dollar to clean our environment and we will restore it to its natural state for to all the inhabitants of Mother Earth. We will not use it intentionally to pollute our environment;


    GOOD HEALTH: We shall use the Earth Dollar to provide good health to all the inhabitants of Mother Earth and we will not use it intentionally to cause ill health;


    LUSH FORESTS: We shall use the Earth Dollar to restore the lush forests and jungles of Mother Earth. We will not use it intentionally to cause the destruction of any forests or jungles;


    COMPASSION: We shall use the Earth Dollar to create a more compassionate, more caring and more loving society;


    FREEDOM: We shall NOT use the Earth Dollar to impose any type of economic control over any nation state, nor over any individual person, nor over any organization.


    Dream Team of Super Heroes of the Earth to Reset Our Economic System


    We are calling on the brightest minds, the most courageous souls and the most loving hearts to join our DREAM TEAM OF SUPER H.E.R.O.E.S. Come help us resolve some of the planet's greatest challenges and fulfill the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


    We believe in the values of peace, love, compassion, contributionism, cooperation, sharing, philanthropy, decentralization, and the protection of our planet for future generations. We are looking for team players who are co-creators.

    David Kam

    Founder & Chairman




    David Kam is the visionary and creator of the Earth Dollar; he hopes to grow the Earth Dollar movement to alleviate global poverty and to Heal Our Mother Earth (H.O.M.E.). Using his Chinese Hakka roots, he also works with indigenous peoples worldwide to help them with their independence and prosperity.


    David is a multi-talented individual that has worked with one of the world’s largest Fortune 500 company, as well as with numerous non- profit organizations. David is currently putting his talents to creating a more sustainable and a more peaceful world.


    David also runs one of the largest green groups on the Internet, called LOHAS (Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability) with 14,000 green businesses, NGOs and associations, reaching millions of Cultural Creatives worldwide.


    David is also an artist who is the founder of the Thinkism Art Movement (year 2001), the first fine art movement of the 21st century – described as the socially conscious art movement.


    In 1990, David and his friends pioneered the energy drink category, being the first in the world to add ginseng to formulate their Energy Drinks, after noticing people lining up to buy ginseng root in Chinatown. They negotiated a 5 year franchising-licensing agreement with Grey Beverages, the largest independent bottler in Canada (now owned by Pepsi-Cola Bottling Group) to test market a E=MC² Energy Drink, for North Pole Beverages Co., in Western Canada (population 2 million people).

    Ami Rajpal

    Co-founder of the Earth Dollar & the Earth Bank & Chief Technology Officer




    I’ve been in the software business for 17 years. I’ve worked with a multitude of software solutions. I’ve headed large projects valued at over a million dollars. Computers have been a big part of my life since I was a teenager and continue to refine my skills as a core hobby. I continue to challenge myself by writing a compression routine in C++, Games in Action Script, and creating 3D models in Blender.

    Benoit Noel de Tilly

    Co-founder of the Earth Dollar & Earth Bank




    Benoit NoëI de Tilly has over 30 years of experience as a Training Specialist/Instructor/Developer/Training needs analysis consultant in the E&V Learning Courseware Developer and Learning Management System Administrator implementation. He is a fully bilingual Instructor with 30 years of training experience in the instructor-led and coaching delivery, from skills honed on government, corporate, private, First Nation and Inuit opportunities.

    He has over 20 years of knowledge transfer with various governmental departments, such as; DND, AANDC (Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada); PWGSC, DFATD, Environment Canada, Statistic Canada and others.

    He has over 10 years of courseware development and 7 years of CBT and E&V Learning development using Adobe Presenter, Captivate and SCORM, 508 accessibility compliant titles for the Adobe Connect learning management system (LMS).t ut laoreet.

    Robert Schram

    Director Mother Earth Trust


    SUPERPOWER: Creating Awareness by love & connection, opening the third eye, make the unseen visible


    Seeing is believing and accepting and embracing and opening
    I am the gatekeeper who holds the key to unlock the door.
    There is a woman by my side
    We both keep an eye who passes
    And stand tall with long sticks

    Robert Schram is a co-founder and coordinator for United Earth and a co-creator of manifesting Co-living Synergy Hubs worldwide. The Hubs are also intended for developing/coordinating of sharing and awareness tools to f.i. organize a ‘Movements of Movements’. This to strengthen the momentum towards the new paradigm. Also he is a promoter for several RBE-Movements and a Climate Reality Leader.

    Robert is the author of his book ‘Quasar, THE NEW WORLD’: a plan with 180 recommendations for a new world.

    Before his writing period he worked for several engineering and installation companies in the Netherlands and Germany as a freelance project-coordinator HVAC. Robert has coordinated over 50 projects in 30 years.

    Glenda Stevens

    Unity Staff Holder and Artist for Earth Dollar Metal Coin Design


    SUPERPOWER: Seer and Eagle Flyer


    International Anishnabe (Algonquin - Native American) Artist & Humanitarian. Glenda Stevens. Since her youth to present day linking her passion as a wide variety Artist & Humanitarian Assistant/Aid from Development Initiatives & various Outreach Ministries that include children, youth to adults.


    Developing their passion, life skills & helping improve people’s lives through positive growth. Working in backyard ministries programs From Street Ministries, Sidewalk Kids/Metro Kids Society, CBOP Program Assistant for Women’s Outreach & Recovery Houses. Producer and Director of Theatrical Productions for various Outreach Ministries. NLP Practitioner, Travel & Tourism SuperHost, Winner of an American Film Festival Award (Film Production: BALANCE: Healing Through Helping, International Poetry Publication & Award Winner ISP Washington DC, nominated as Poet of the Year & International Poet of Merit.


    “Sky Dancer’ places her interest in her relationship to her Creator combining her abilities as Inspirational Visionary Seeker and learned experiences as well as acquired knowledge to the continual development and enhancement to positive growth of people’s lives.


    ‘When I seek guidance from the Creator a great Eagle comes to me and carries me to a distant place where I am offered a vision to hope & healing for whatever the purpose is along the way. To reach out to life, any source of life: whether it be human life, plant or animal...you reach out, you plant a seed...in time it reaches fruit in its season. You help make it grow. Together we enhance life. We were all meant for Beauty. Every day is a moment to let that light shine. Let us all live for such a time as this.’

    CarlOjoctl Kievales Lara Velado




    Magical Powers :

    Inner love+1 : Orgasmic Meditation Revolution

    Comprehension+2 : Language ReInvention

    GlobalLove +2 : Indigenius values inception


    Carlos was born in Venezuela, and grew up in El Salvador, Mexico then Denver where he studied 5 years of Computer Science and discovered his devotion to create educational games. After 10 years of videogame development, he left this world to play life like a 3D Game, and became humanitarian anarcopacifist in the NuMundo network, the conversation of WeAgree.life and EarthBank/Earth Dollar network.

    Carlos Indigo Lara has been aka Carlojoctl on Facebook has been part of Cosmic Convergence unification in Central America for 3 years. Unification is his way of life, and life is a game to achieve global peace for him! The NuMundo network is a network of yogis, bioconstructors for the new world, authentic visionaries as cocreatist in a new loving world!

    Excited for the beginning of a Re.Evolution! Join me if you care about Mother Earth regeneration!

    Mike Brunt

    Computer Network Expert

    Superhero Name: Carbon Farmer

    Super Powers: Permaculturist - Creator


    Hopefully this is not too long, please feel free to edit-shorten etc...


    Mike Brunt was born in Northern England in 1948. It was a time of austerity for the British people who had rationing in place due to the effects of the Second World War. He pursued a management career in transportation equipment becoming Director of Excess Stock at British Leyland Truck and Bus. He moved to the USA in 1989 and eventually took up a career path in technology, coinciding with the emergence of the World Wide Web. Mike then became involved in Teleradiology working alongside Kodak, Lucent Technologies and GTE. Currently Mike is still deeply involved in technology, being a specialist in capacity planning and tuning for Java systems and he is becoming ever more involved with Blockchain and peer-to-peer based infrastructure.


    In addition to his career path Mike is a composer and musical having been involved in the creation of 11 electronic music albums, Mike also paints with well over 100 paintings located in Los Angeles, New Zealand and Eugene Oregon. Lastly Mike is a Permaculture Certified Designer and lives on a 5 acre farm in the Eugene area of Oregon.

    Saravana Kumar Malaichami

    Blockchain Manager

    Experienced Blockchain consultant with strong expertise in ICO Strategy, Smart Contracts and distributed applications development.
    Founder of SmartChainers, a Blokchain Solutions Company that provides services to various industry leaders. Saravana has over 20 years of experience in the IT industry in designing and development of software for enterprise content, document, ecommerce and analytical systems. He has worked with various Fortune 500 companies.

    Sovereign Decentralized Land Trust

    Gurminder Singh (The Green Guru)

    CEO & Co-founder of the Earth Bank and Blockchain Expert




    Gurminder Singh Khalsa is a noted authority on finance, enterprise, business, and technology development. Gurminder is a technologist and has broad business experience developing practical applications and strategies for various companies in technology and enterprise development. He currently applies his technical expertise and business experience to offer organizational development, business re-engineering, technical consulting and capital formation, with special emphasis on blockchain, digital currencies, social impact, integrated fintech technologies and digital banking.


    Founder, Chairman & CEO of Nurubics Corporation, a global blockchain, digital currencies and associated technologies innovation company. Presently providing platform development solutions and services to India’s largest integrated fintech services company with 200M customers,GreenEdge Global and Co-Founder of Earth Bank. Gurminder is also the Founder and Chairman of the International Green Technology Institute, President and CTO of Transformative Capital Inc.

    Terry Mollner

    Co-founder of the Earth Bank

    Superhero Name: OLD WOLF

    Super Powers: “he knows how to sustain the self-conscious experience of the oneness of nature as his container experience of all other experiences."


    Terry is an industry pioneer and innovator and one of the creators of the first comprehensive set of screens for socially responsible investing (SRI). He applies his industry knowledge and expertise on global trends and opportunities in the SRI world to Stakeholders Capital.


    Chairman Mollner helped found Calvert Social Investment Funds, the largest family of ethical funds, with $13 billion currently under management. He sits on Calvert’s Board of Directors, The Calvert Foundation as well as the board of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream.

    The Calvert Foundation also traces its roots to Terry’s leadership. Whereas Calvert Social Investment Funds established a new investment territory in the professional investment community, “socially responsible investing,” the Foundation created a new investment territory called “community investing.”


    Today, to “end poverty through investment,” the Foundation raises low-interest capital through the sale of community investment notes. Calvert Social Investment Funds has over $550 million invested around the world in micro-loan funds, low-income housing funds, social enterprises, etc. An early chair, Terry continues to sit on its Board and its Executive and Investment Committees.


    Stakeholders Capital builds portfolios using funds from many SRI fund families including, but not exclusively, from Calvert.

    He is also the Founder and President of The Trusteeship Institute, a think tank and consulting firm in economic and social development. In existence since 1973, its current focus is on the development of the common good movement that holds as its’ highest priority the common good. Subsets of the movement include common good capitalism and common good investing, the next stage in their evolution.

    Dale Anne Bourjaily

    Cofounder of the Earth Bank and SDG Director


    SUPERPOWER: Equilibra is a powershifter. She can bring combatants in balance by sharing their powers between them.

    Dale Anne Bourjaily has been working on sustainable developmeEquilibra is a powershifter. She can bring combatants in balance by sharing their powers between them.nt and the economy for 25 years.She managed the pioneering prog ramme on economic development of the Sustainable Development Agreements between Bhutan, Benin, Costa Rica and the Netherlands, changing trading chains to benefit producers and the environment while keeping consumer prices level, together with several multinational companies. She also guided the fledgeling Mediterranean SDA and its work on new markets for sustainable products. In Amazonia she developed a venture capital fund to support local laboratories in their search to isolate active ingredients in traditional medicines and to protect the rainforest. This fund attracted 50 million dollars worth of investment and registered 19 patents for medicines developed there. Since 2005 Dale Anne has been an angel investor in cleantech companies worldwide. Dale Anne is a board member at Nuestros Pequenos Hermanos International and enjoys her active extended family. She looks forward to working with the Mother Earth trust and the Earth bank.

    Mesfin Zaid

    Co-founder of the Earth Bank and CFO



    Mesfin Zaid has been a banking and finance executive for over 35 years predominantly on the commercial side. His acumen to name a few, are in the field of Asset based Loan, (ABL), new business development, (BDO), portfolio management, collateral monitoring, field examination, and other disciplines within the industry.
    While working for Wells Fargo Bank as Vice President and Department Manager in the Loan Servicing Center (1997 - 2011), Mr. Zaid was given the responsibility undertaking the Loan Center’s “Green Energy Initiative”. Due to that exposure, he expanded his knowledge working in the areas of Climate Change, Energy, Environment, Policy and Risk Analysis, Research, and Development (R&D), and Consulting. As such, he worked with African and Asian countries spearheading MSWE, (municipal Solid Waste to Energy) projects (i.e. in Thailand, China, Taiwan, and Malaysia), and in Africa, renewable energy feasibility studies, wind, and solar resources assessment, low-carbon development, and innovative renewable energy powered system.
    Over the years, Mr. Zaid has been involved in multiple humanitarian non-profit organizations such as an Advisory Board member for UNDP-UNIFM traveling to Kampala, Uganda in 2005 with a group that organized and empowered women to be self-reliant in establishing their own small business. He was also on the Executive Board of Eritrean Development Foundation, (EDF) which supported micro-loans more specifically to women owned enterprises, supplied solar light panels to remote villagers that never had electricity.

    Reinhold Ziegler

    Chief Science Officer & Co-founder of the Earth Bank




    Following his apprenticeship with Aero-Power Systems and Marcellus Jacobs,Sim van der Ryn of the Farallones Institute, and John Todd, of the New Alchemy Institute some 30 years ago and many other mentors, he has worked extensively as an educator, researcher, designer, builder and manufacturer of renewable energy systems and regenerative and integrated architecture, and vertical growing systems.


    He has achieved international recognition for his work with appropriate technology and sustainable design through the publishing of VILLAGE ONE in 1972 and through the co-building of the Integral Urban House and the Rural Center, an 80 acre U.S. Peace Corps stateside training facility. He has also been funded by the U.S. Department of Energy to build wind energy demonstration projects such as several Wind-Energy Pavilions. He is at this time an authority on the building of wind, solar and biomass energy farms.


    Associate Professor of Energy and Environmental Design through the University of California, Berkeley, Vista and Cabrillo Colleges.


    Melinda Woolf

    Co-founder of the Earth Bank & Media Director

    Melinda loves imagining and envisioning the 'what' that is possible, in service to realizing real world practical solutions to our planets' and humanities challenges, big and small.

    A background in entertainment as an executive producer, creative director, producer, show creator and filmmaker, Melinda has developed content for the industries greatest innovators in advertising, films & television and for globally integrated platforms.

    A creative and strategic thinker, Melinda works with brands, people and projects in developing contribution-based models that work to and through media, technology and interactive systems that create the greatest solutions + positive social impact in contribution to the betterment for the future of humanity and our planet as a whole and that create ‘real world impact’ for those in need.

    Features include showcasing People, Projects, Systems, and Technologies that also focus on ReGenerative Principles, and that create more Peace for our lives and for our world collectively, i.e. Good for people, purpose and planet.

    Melinda served as President of the Women's National Book Association and completed a MA in Spiritual Psychology.

    Client list includes: American Express, Hagan Daaz, ABC Television, Twentieth Century Television, Paramount, to name a few. Media Projects: Launches for Universal and Fox Networks and Channels as well as television projects including: Desperate Housewives, Creation of The American Superhero as well as syndication launch of Malcolm in the Middle. Recent Film project: RiseUP the Movie.

    Roy Schwartz

    Co-founder of the Earth Bank & Financial Analyst

    Director of Project Finance-Clean Power Advisors, Inc. (“CPA”)

    Mr. Schwartz has 35 years of experience in the renewable energy and financial services industries. He is the Director of Project Finance for Clean Power Advisors. He specializes in the project financing and sale of Commercial and Industrial, distributed generation, and utility scale Photovoltaic solar, and renewable energy projects in the U.S., Mexico, and internationally. He was formerly the director of sales for a leading EPC contractor where he managed a successful RFP bid and contract negotiations of an EPC contract for a 30 MW PV solar project in North Carolina. He was the V.P. of Development at Solar Power Partners where he was responsible for the sales and development of large commercial and distributed generation PV solar projects. His clients included a regional airport, Fortune 500 companies, and State and County government agencies. He managed a joint venture for the funding of 100 MW of FIT solar projects in Ontario, Canada.


    Roy was a managing director at Ally Capital Corporation, and was involved in the formation of the $75 Million Environmental Allies equipment leasing fund which provided venture leasing to renewable and energy efficiency, environmental, recycling and clean technology companies and projects. At Ally, her also originated over $100 million in equipment and commercial financing transactions for high tech and other high growth companies. For ten years, he managed the Energy Network, a consulting company specializing in the financing, sale and project management of hydro, wind and other renewable energy projects. He is a regular speaker and panelist at solar energy financing conferences.

    Sheri Madrone Herndon

    Co-Founder of the Earth Bank & PR, Media and Community Strategy


    Sheri Herndon is a social architect who has been pioneering for the last 20 years at the nexus of social networks, conscious evolution, media, and collaboration. She is here to support the co-creating of a world that works for all. It is at the convergence of these powerful


    vectors where new social systems and synergies are born, essentially enabling new forms of civic engagement and innovative fresh thinking. As a lifelong action researcher, taking cutting edge wisdom-knowledge and putting it into ‘living labs’, she engages at the edge of cultural and scientific innovation seeking to see their social implications brought to life. This is what she calls creating new Social DNA. She is committed to facilitating and midwifing a new planetary civilization. As a practical futurist who provides consulting and strategic interventions to government, nonprofits and business, she facilitates the creation and development of adaptive strategies and new ways of thinking for any ecosystem, from the individual to the collective. Her passion is working with organizations and teams who are ready to create transformational change from the inside out with nature and spirit as essential guides.


    Her background includes academic studies at the graduate level, holding an MA in interdisciplinary studies, extensive journalism and production work in radio and film, corporate legal stints, extensive community organizing and coalition building, and a love of social process technologies for supporting group and team efficiency, evolution and transformation. She was the News Director at a public radio station in Seattle (KCMU) developing from scratch a vibrant information source that embodied ‘media that mattered’. She launched several nonprofits, coalitions and conferences, and produced award winning programming for public television and inspired many people to believe in a better world. In 1999, she cofounded the Indymedia network (www.indymedia.org) and spent four years birthing collective- intelligence inspired global media network. As founder, she was immersed in the heart of this rapidly growing, self-organizing social network whose prime mission was to empower people to tell their own stories. Built on open source code and on the principles of open publishing, Indymedia became the catalyst for global citizen journalism.


    Her dedication is to create and facilitate platforms where people can engage in meaningful ways, tell new stories, be empowered to find their creative gifts, and find resources and information that help achieve their goals and dreams. She brings with her a wealth of experience as a journalist, producer, documenter, a relational field builder, and whole systems and emergence designer. She has always been a producer in the sense of bringing the parts together to create a more coherent whole, and to nurture social synergy. Therefore, her networking is always about nurturing new cultural synapses and social systems which can ultimately draw forth what she calls new ‘Social DNA’. Because of this emphasis in her work, she describes this emerging social function as that of an Evolutionary Social Architect.


    Dave Karp

    Director of Media and Communications



    David Karp has been a professional Videographer since 1980. Equally at home in all areas of video production from shooting and directing multi camera productions to editing documentaries and creating special effects. He is also a web designer and streams video for live events, and he recently added VR design and 360 shooting skills to his tool set. He has created video programs of all kinds, including documentaries that were on PBS locally and nationally, has also made commercials, scientific and educational programs and even children’s programming. Just as comfortable filming CEO’s in their corporate offices as filming Hindu monks in the mountains of India, he has also had the honor to videotape the Dalai Lama, in Grace Cathedral in San Francisco and Mother Theresa in Calcutta India. Having done professional shooting in Russia, India, Nepal, Paris, NY and California, he is willing to go just about anywhere to shoot a video. He now joins the team at Earth Bank as the Communications and Media Director.

    Heidi Little

    Co-creator & Music Event Coordinator




    Heidi Little is a global thinking, theatrically trained performer, world class singer and songwriter. She was born to the prairies of Regina, Sask, Canada. Heidi has been singing for audiences since the age of 5. She wrote her first song in 1995 and has committed herself to the message of love and understanding touring North America and Mexico, globally on the radio, featured pod casts, and in interviews of all formats ever since. She has written award-winning songs: “Cowboy”, “Angel” “Movin On” granting CMA and WCMA distinction, “May You Always” reined at #1 for 2 full years on Ourstage.com acoustic charts. Most recently “No More War” spent 2011 at #1 in Rock and All Genres on Iac.com.


    One of Heidi’s concerts produced by CBC has been broadcasted across Canada nationally five times, turned into a live cd, and presented as a Christmas special titled ”True Believer”. It still remains a fan favorite.


    Heidi is committed to bringing to the world a message of love and light thru her beliefs and her music. She gives of herself to support issues that are important to her. Some of those events that she has participated in and produced are The Sustainable Living Roadshow Festival Austin, Concerts in Honor of the Children of Israel and Gaza Strip, Haiti benefits, and Stop child abuse and spousal assault, Flood Relief for tropical storm Irene. Heidi donates a percentage of profits of each album to a cause that is dear to her and our children’s future, Farm aid, World Wildlife Federation, CARE, and The International Coral Reef Association.

    Bob Challenger

    Co-creator & Allied Events


    Shannon Crossbear

    Co-creator and Indigenous Advisor

    Shannon CrossBear is a beautiful, powerful, spiritual Ojibwe/Irish woman whose purpose is to demonstrate and promote gentle healing. She expresses her commitment to healing through her work in the world. As an Independent Consultant for Strongheart Resource development she has offered training and technical assistance to the National Federation of Families for Children’s Mental Health, facilitating and consulting with the National Indian Child Welfare Association, Georgetown University, the Garret Lee Smith Suicide Prevention Programs, the National Child Traumatic Stress Networks and the Aboriginal Healing Strategy. She was a co-founder of the Holistic Health in the Heartland Midwest Conference that laid the foundation for the bridge between western modalities and complementary medicines.


    Health issues within Ms. CrossBears’ family of origin and community cement her commitment to improving conditions for children. As a survivor of a child who completed a suicide, her sensitivities to the needs of families are paramount in her work. Moving policy to practice through the use of evaluation, research, and performance measurement that accurately reflects the voices of families and communities is a part of her personal and professional mission. Ms. CrossBear is a current member of the Executive Committee of First Nations Behavioral Health Association, the Society of TRUTH, and the National Family Dialog on Substance Abuse.

  • Partners



    (Thomas Square)

    Akwesasne Nation

    rarahkwisere he. who. drags. the. sun, ista/mom Cecelia Thompson-Thomas Square rakeni/dad, born august. 20 th 1955 three sisters, two bros, Dawson College-political science/ math, one year, Cigarette seller, Whiskey seller, iron worker local 711, more?


    The "kaianerehkowa" is the longest surviving democracy. It is how we can settle our differences, come to one mind as a government. The three branches of government, legislative, judiicial, executive, as we say wolf , bear, turtle...can only be in one clan-mothers' clan/matrilineal society, different speakers every day unless allowed for two.Wishes of his clan together so could take a long time, everyone has veto power but rarely used because we are onkwehonwe/ real people. The natural world is the longhouse, the sky is the roof of her, water flows through her veins, her presents, we survive on...let's work together to beautify her..no more tears please..

    Vishal Modha

    Blockchain Advisor

    I'm a sustainability advocate with a host of Technolgies to reverse the effects of climate change. Waste to energy - sequester the carbon from landfills whilst turning it into electric or fuel. Clean water technolgies for agriculture &the de-a indication of the ocean.

    Sequester carbon - eliminate carbon emissions whilst turning it into a valuable resource Eradicate mosquitos simply by growing the right trees - malaria is soon to be a thing of the past.

    Stephen M Cutter

    Earth Dollar Rideshare Partner & Advisor


    Stephen’s Reason’s

    [dek] Founder Stephen Cutter explains the inspiration and mission that lead him to found and further the world’s first mindful ride-share.

    How do you sum up a passion that has overtaken your life? Sometimes a simple spark can take you to places you never dreamed possible. Inspiration can strike you at any time and then demand your attention: That is what happened with the concept for Wuji, a ride-share that changes urban transportation from a necessary evil to a regenerative component of our shifting future. This is why Wuji is only utilizing eco-friendly cars and offsets its CO2 footprint via treesisters.org and carbonfund.org. Wuji has also partnered with the Earthdollar.org to bring about a new cryptocurrency that is attached to the health of Mother Earth. I believe in a grassroots economy--where benefits happen from the bottom up rather than the top down--is the future, and Wuji is designed to fit into this future paradigm.


    My Vision for Wuji

    Wuji aims to be a contributor to every community where we offer services.Yes, we are a business that must pay for ourselves and our operations, but we have a greater mission: To make a difference in the world. Our grassroots organizational and financial model means, we take care of the planet and the people first. It also means we’ll give back to every community where we operate, letting riders donate by rounding up or adding $1 to give someone in need in the community a ride. It means transporting veterans to doctors’ appointments, elementary school students to community gardens and senior citizens to social engagements--all for free. We also plan to offset all of our emissions and help replant rainforests across the globe. But in the end, I believe the ripple effect of Wuji being part of something bigger than ourselves will make a bigger difference than the actual environmental rewards.

    My goal with Wuji is to model a new way for business to function. Moving into the future, businesses must move beyond sustainability: For true success, we must all aim to become regenerative models that give back to future generations, rather than robbing from them. Today more than ever, people want to align their values with their spending habits and Wuji is an easy way to vote with your dollar and be the change you want to see in the world.

    We feel Wuji can scale to a global level in less than five years and that our mission-based model will compel communities to welcome us with open arms. Wuji also plans on having off-grid live/work headquarters in every market we enter, where we can create community and facilitate learning. Living a sustainable lifestyle while also being part of a community that’s making the world a better place is what this generation is asking for, and Wuji aims to become a part of the movement for a better future.

    Wuji is looking to be the preferred Eco-Conscious rideshare company for businesses that are looking to make an impact and be the change they want to see in the world. We are also looking for partnerships and sponsorships to help cross promote each other's brands and mission. Wuji is running a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo and you can find out more info at www.ridewuji.com and to contribute to a Earth Friendly World!


  • Advisors

    Members that keep us on the path

    Jared Harrill

    Director of Bitcoin Coop & Founder of Ethereum Montreal

    People and our connection to one-another drives me. It lead me into communication, and eventually down the rabbit hole into cryptocurrencies and blockchain. For me, these decentralized frameworks offer new avenues for tackling socio-economic issues.


    This rabbit hole as it turned out, became far more creative for me than graphic design. Though the visual aspect can come in handy. It’s the deconstruction and solution thought process of graphic design that lends well to finding collaborative tech solutions. Developing in a space this new is risky, the failure rate is high, the problems are more complex, and the answers are less clear. But I get to sink my teeth into questions like, “How do you motivate people to participate in a system that they have no concept of?” or, “Can tokenization let people be successful in less ‘profitable’ endeavours?” These are being solved with blockchains, but, “Should we fix an existing chain or build a new blockchain or have many blockchains?”. These are dense questions, and attempting to solve them is the highly creative process that keeps me digging.


    Currently I have my head buried in the Ethereum forums and auxiliary networks, scrolling through their latest Git-Hub commits, building simple Ethereum smart contracts and dapps, tweaking my ETH miner and broadcasting my efforts on Periscope as a community evangelist.



    Duncan So

    Advisor & Past Cofounding Team




    Duncan So is a visionary leader with a focus on helping people realize their passions and live life to the fullest. He is an expert on passion and human achievement, having launched several social businesses in the fields of technology and human development that address systemic social challenges. He is the architect of the passion centered framework, Startup Storyboard, that transforms startups and organizations into “be good, do great” enterprises. Duncan graduated as an engineer and helped build out the IT support organization at Virgin Mobile Canada, applying Richard Branson’s “Screw it, Let’s Do It” approach to entrepreneurship and change making.

    Thomas McAlister


    Working with Central Banks to offer a new liquidity platform through a series of Blockchain derivative options under licence agreements.

    Gary McAlister



    Bankcoin is a highly advanced high quality digital commodity which the CFTC recognised from their first conversation with us. It is the first commodity that can cater to the entire market. If you are in currency and buying into a commodity or in an existing commodity and trading out to currency you will always be able to stay in the market by way of Bankcoin. Because Bankcoin leads in the Digital commodity space and advancement on the current financial system it has its own financial valuation and regulator which is the Bankcoin Reserve BCR. This is the single authority which governs Bankcoin. All Bankcoins come under the management of the BCR. The BCR had to formulate a unique valuation proposition as it was the only commodity of its kind in the market place knowing this its market price had to reflect an old commodity (to cater to the old system) as well as factor in its advanced intrinsic properties and capabilities for those of us that understand fully where the new financial sector is heading. This is what the Bankcoin Reserve used to make its determination on the valuation of Bankcoin. The committee, made up of the major Bankcoin stakeholders, took into consideration the following key aspects and were of the opinion that its valuation be coupled to the gold ounce price meaning the ceiling of the gold ounce price is the floor of the Bankcoin price determined 6 monthly. This gives B2B and C2C confidence in the price being stable over that period of time.


    You do not need a mathematics degree or a science degree to install a Bankcoin digital wallet on your computer or tablet and become a part of the Bankcoin network. All these factors including the list below are what were used to determine Bankcoins value. $1300US small number when you compare the abilities of Bankcoin over physical gold, however they both have intrinsic value and therefore a base valuation had to be determined.

    Deane Thomas


    Super Hero Name: AskDeano


    Link Image http://askdeano.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/deano-happy.png


    Deane is a former corporate executive who is a true global citizen having had the pleasure of living in many different countries and cultures. He currently lives in Croatia with his two teenage daughters. In August 2014 a set of life changing circumstances led to his own awakening and to finally lifting the veils of illusion.


    Deane stepped away from corporate responsibility, and began his own spiritual journey, and life as a solo father. He is continually growing spiritually, and now dedicates a great deal of his time to helping, healing and teaching others. He has published his own book called “Love Outside The Box”, and is a regular guest writer for several leading spiritual portals and a Croatian news portal.


    His inquisitiveness into historical events and places, as well as witnessing them in the present time has led him to truly appreciate all that life has to offer. A deep fascination with indigenous cultures and their way of life, how they function and more importantly, live without religions. Always challenging and questioning societies forced indoctrination and expectations of man, today he is following his heart as a philosopher and writer, and guiding others through difficult events of their life.


    Deane has created unique personal development programs for those who are awakening and wish to make a smooth transition to the new templates. He has a passion and in-depth understanding of past life memory, their interpretation and how to address them in current life. To understand who we are today, we need to get to grips of who we have been – through unravelling our own truth within, we create a new template for the way we live our lives – in truth!


    A series of “coincidences” led to him meeting with Tomislav Tesla, the great great nephew of Nikola Tesla in 2014. At that time he created a company, which today is the foundation of a cooperation and partnership with Tomislav Tesla that is called True Tesla Technologies in Croatia. Working with likeminded people who will help create and develop a sustainable living environment, as well as a technology innovation centre.


    Deane forms part of the Tesla Dream Team and Tesla Think Tank, and will continue to act as a global Ambassador for the Tesla Family vision.

    Bret A. Warshawsky


    Bret is a maverick visionary troubadour who has been inspired by his own experiences and inquiry into mental wellness to pioneer radical new approaches to co-creation, spiritual philanthropy and the gift economy. A former prom king and A grade student who took the ‘road less traveled’, Bret is a natural born entrepreneur who discovered through profound mental health trauma that his passion was not in using his ingenuity to make money, but to direct flows of resources and creativity “current sees” in creating inner and outer wealth for all… integral wealth. Bret has spent the last five years in communities across the world researching first-hand alternative perspectives on mental wellness and co-creation. Bret now sees himself embodying a new journey as Consultant, Artist, CryptoPoet and the world's first Spiritual Philanthropist. See More.

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