• Our Mission

    Life is Sacred! Our mission is dedicated to replanting the Tree of Life and Mending the Sacred Hoop. We will usher in the new Living Economic System where wealth is generated by caring for our planet & caring for one another. This will allow us to heal our planet and to revitalize our global economy.

    Our Dedication

    The Earth Dollar is being issued to restore our beloved Mother Earth and to revitalize our global economies. With the Earth Dollar, we envision caring for one another and caring for the planet will be the main economy of the world. The Earth Dollar is dedicated to bringing back the Sacredness of Life; it reconnects us back to Mother Earth and to each other.


    The Earth Dollar will usher in a new enlightened decentralized “Living Economic System” centered on the preservation of life. No longer will money be an excuse any longer to end extreme poverty, to mitigate climate change, to protect our planet and for peace on Earth.


    People will now have an alternative choice between choosing to stay with the Trickle Down Economic System (aka 9 to 5 system) created during the Industrial Revolution 200 years ago. The Trickle Down Economic System that benefits only 1% of the world population is based on death, destruction, alienation, hyper-competition, enslavement, and war or they can choose our “Living Economic System”, which is centered on life.


    We do not in any way impose our values on anyone. We just offer people an alternative choice.


    “You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” - R. Buckminster Fuller

  • Our Manifesto

    Built directly into the code of the Earth Dollar are the following principles

    We envision the Earth Dollar becoming an additional decentralized sovereign global reserve currency and will supersede all national borders, countries, and political affiliations to bring climate justice and to heal our planet. Built directly into the code of the Earth Dollar are the following principles:


    1. Sovereign; 2. A Mechanism for Solving Disputes; 3. Asset Backed; 4. Benevolent; 5. Preserves Life and Embraces Love; 6. Protects Mother Earth & Takes Action on Climate Change; 7. Open; 8. Trustworthy; 9. Decentralized; 10. Speed; 11. Easy to use; 12. Equality; and 13. Anti-inflationary.

    Our Mother Earth Constitution

    Our Guiding Principles to Living in Harmony with Mother Earth

    These are our guiding principles, values and rules that govern how we live in harmony with the planet. View the Mother Earth Constitution here.

    Universal Declaration of the Rights of Mother Earth

    Mother Earth as a Legal Person

    Like Bolivia and Ecuador, we have adopted the rights of Mother Earth into the constitution of our sovereign organization and it is also a part of the Earth Tribunal. We regard Mother Earth as a legal person with all the inherent rights and legal protection that come with this designation. View the Universal Declaration of Right of Mother Earth here.

    The Universal Declaration of Human Rights

    This is the foundation of freedom, justice and peace in the world for all members of the human family

    Adopted by the United Nations General Assembly it consists of 32 articles that form the basis of International Laws and Treaties. The declaration contains our rights as human beings, and as individuals. The declaration provides legal rights, remedies, civil rights, political rights, society rights, spiritual rights, public rights, political freedoms, social rights, economic rights, and cultural rights. The Universal Declaration of Human rights can be viewed here.

    Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples

    Supports the sovereignty, self determination, cultural protection, and rights of Indigenous Peoples

    Adopted by the UN General Assembly, the UNDRIP acts as an important standard on how the world treats Indigenous Peoples around the world. The goal of the declaration is to encourage countries to work alongside indigenous peoples to solve global issues, like development, land rights, self-governance, cultural protection, democracy, and freedom. The Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples can be viewed here.

    NOTE: We do not believe in a one world government, and do not support a one world economy. However we believe in freedom, sustainable prosperity and genuine wealth for all living beings, We believe in happiness, good health, clean water, clean air, healthy environment, lush forests, thriving wildlife, caring communities, world peace, inner peace, respect for all cultures, true justice, and a better future for all beings on our planet.

    Our Values and Sacred Promise


    DIVERSITY: We believe in freedom. We do not believe in a one world government. We do not believe in a single currency. We advocate true freedom and diversity.


    PEACE ON EARTH: We shall use the Earth Dollar to bring world peace and we will not use it to intentionally finance any wars through the Earth Dollar;


    PRESERVE LIFE: We shall use the Earth Dollar to heal Mother Earth and we will not use it to intentionally caused destruction of Mother Earth through the Earth Dollar;


    PROSPERITY: We shall use the Earth Dollar to bring prosperity to all the inhabitants of Mother Earth and we will not use it intentionally to oppress any inhabitants of Mother Earth;


    CLEAN WATER: We shall use the Earth Dollar to bring clean water to all the inhabitants of Mother Earth and we will not use it intentionally to pollute our fresh water:


    CLEAN AIR: We shall use the Earth Dollar to make our air free from pollution for all the inhabitants of Mother Earth and we will not use it intentionally to pollute our air;


    CLEAN ENVIRONMENT: We shall use the Earth Dollar to clean our environment and we will restore it to its natural state for to all the inhabitants of Mother Earth. We will not use it intentionally to pollute our environment;


    GOOD HEALTH: We shall use the Earth Dollar to provide good health to all the inhabitants of Mother Earth and we will not use it intentionally to cause ill health;


    LUSH FORESTS: We shall use the Earth Dollar to restore the lush forests and jungles of Mother Earth. We will not use it intentionally to cause the destruction of any forests or jungles;


    COMPASSION: We shall use the Earth Dollar to create a more compassionate, more caring and more loving society;


    FREEDOM: We shall NOT use the Earth Dollar to impose any type of economic control over any nation state, nor over any individual person, nor over any organization.



    We are called to resolve some of the planet's greatest challenges and help fulfill the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


    We believe in the values of peace, love, compassion, contribution, cooperation, sharing, philanthropy, decentralization,

    and the protection of our planet for future generations.

    David Kam

    Founder & Chairman

    David Kam is a visionary and creator of the Earth Dollar. He hopes to grow the Earth Dollar movement to alleviate global poverty and to Heal Our Mother Earth (H.O.M.E.). Using his Chinese Hakka roots, he also works with indigenous peoples worldwide to help them with their independence and prosperity.


    David is a multi-talented individual that has worked with one of the world’s largest Fortune 500 company, as well as with numerous non- profit organizations. David is currently putting his talents to creating a more sustainable and a more peaceful world.


    David also runs one of the largest green groups on the Internet, called LOHAS (Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability) with 14,000 green businesses, NGOs and associations, reaching millions of Cultural Creatives worldwide.


    David is also an artist who is the founder of the Thinkism Art Movement (year 2001), the first fine art movement of the 21st century – described as the socially conscious art movement.


    In 1990, David pioneered the energy drink category, being the first in the world to add ginseng to formulate their Energy Drinks. They negotiated a 5 year franchising-licensing agreement with Grey Beverages, the largest independent bottler in Canada (now owned by Pepsi-Cola Bottling Group) to test market an E=MC² Energy Drink, for North Pole Beverages Co., in Western Canada (population 2 million people).

    Gurminder Singh Khalsa


    Gurminder Singh Khalsa is a noted authority on finance, enterprise, business, and technology development. Gurminder is a technologist and has broad business experience developing practical applications and strategies for various companies in technology and enterprise development. He currently applies his technical expertise and business experience to offer organizational development, business re-engineering, technical consulting and capital formation, with special emphasis on blockchain, digital currencies, social impact, integrated fintech technologies and digital banking.


    Founder, Chairman & CEO of Nurubics Corporation, a global blockchain, digital currencies and associated technologies innovation company. Presently providing platform development solutions and services to India’s largest integrated fintech services company with 200M customers,GreenEdge Global and Co-Founder of Earth Bank. Gurminder is also the Founder and Chairman of the International Green Technology Institute, President and CTO of Transformative Capital Inc.

    Mesfin Zaid


    Experienced Blockchain consultant with strong expertise in ICO Strategy, Smart Contracts and distributed applications development.
    Founder of SmartChainers, a Blokchain Solutions Company that provides services to various industry leaders. Saravana has over 20 years of experience in the IT industry in designing and development of software for enterprise content, document, ecommerce and analytical systems. He has worked with various Fortune 500 companies.

    Ami Rajpal

    Chief Technology Officer

    I’ve been in the software business for 17 years. I’ve worked with a multitude of software solutions. I’ve headed large projects valued at over a million dollars. Computers have been a big part of my life since I was a teenager and continue to refine my skills as a core hobby. I continue to challenge myself by writing a compression routine in C++, Games in Action Script, and creating 3D models in Blender.

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