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What is Natural Capital?

“Natural Capital can be defined as the world’s stocks of natural assets which include geology, soil, air, water and all living things.”

Natural Capital means the fruits from nature. Humans obtain a wide range of services, that makes human life possible, which we call ecosystem services. Some ecosystem services include food, water and the plant materials, fuel, building materials, and medicines. Some ecosystem services are less visible, such as natural flood regulation provided by forests, climate regulation, carbon stored by biomass, and insects pollinating crops. There are even less visible cultural ecosystem services such as the inspiration we take from wildlife and the natural environment.


In the financial sector, when we spend too much we run up debt, and if it gets our of control, it can result in bankruptcy. With Natural Capital, when we overexploit natural resources from our natural environment we also run up a debt which needs to be paid back. Paying back debt can include replanting clear-cut forests, or allowing aquifers to replenish themselves after we have extracted water.

If we keep extracting Natural Capital without allowing nature to recover, we run the risk of ecosystem collapse. Poorly managed Natural Capital becomes both an ecological liability, as well as a social and economic liability.

Working against nature by over exploiting Natural Capital can be catastrophic. Disasters include a loss of biodiversity. Also some regions can become more prone to extreme events such as floods and droughts.

This affects can also lead to starvation, conflict over resources and displacement of populations.

The New Living Economic System and the Earth Dollar makes people more aware of the valuable of Natural Capital that Mother Earth provides. Mother Earth makes life possible on this planet, while our current economic system is destroying the planet that supports all life . We cannot live without a healthy sustainable flow of Natural Capital. Natural Capital is a blessing and needs to be managed sustainably.

About the Author

David Kam is the visionary and creator of the Earth Dollar; he hopes to grow the Earth Dollar movement to alleviate global poverty and to Heal Our Mother Earth (H.O.M.E.). Using his Chinese Hakka roots, he also works with indigenous peoples worldwide to help them with their independence and prosperity.

David is a multi-talented individual that has worked with one of the world’s largest Fortune 500 company, as well as with numerous non- profit organizations. David is currently putting his talents to creating a more sustainable and a more peaceful world.

David also runs one of the largest green groups on the Internet, called LOHAS (Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability) with 14,000 green businesses, NGOs and associations, reaching millions of Cultural Creatives worldwide.

David is also an artist who is the founder of the Thinkism Art Movement (year 2001), the first fine art movement of the 21st century – described as the socially conscious art movement.

In 1990, David and his friends pioneered the energy drink category, being the first in the world to add ginseng to formulate their Energy Drinks, after noticing people lining up to buy ginseng root in Chinatown. They negotiated a 5 year franchising-licensing agreement with Grey Beverages, the largest independent bottler in Canada (now owned by Pepsi-Cola Bottling Group) to test market a E=MC² Energy Drink, for North Pole Beverages Co., in Western Canada (population 2 million people).

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