• Water is Life Unity Alliance Treaty

    A global shift is happening. Over 200 nations have united at Standing Rock as a symbol to defend our waters and Mother Earth. Millions are watching. #Water is life #Mni Wiconi


    While there continues to be sides, different opinions and clear divides, it's a clear sign now that many people are coming together from across the world and waking up. We recognize that change is needed.


    To change our external world, one must look inside and make the decision to make a change to their own world. 


    This isn't a petition aimed at someone else, some outside group, a perpetrator or whom you might feel is done wrong. This petition is for the one that has the true power and ability to make real change.


    To all change makers, humanitarians, free citizens and sovereign and noble leaders to make a public promise to yourself and unify as a community dedicated to take action.


    With this petition, it will represent an oath to yourself and a step towards taking responsibility for the love of our planet and all it's peoples'. Connect deeper. Appoint yourself for change.


    The Water of Life Unity Alliance, MNI WIC'ONI AQUA ES VIDA is the coming together of all peoples across the world; the condor, eagle, quetzal, white buffalo, dragon, and phoenix, to make the pledge to stop the destruction of our waters and protect Mother Earth.


    Download and Read the Treaties:

    Water is Life Unity Alliance Treaty

    One Nation Wampum Treaty

    Constitution of the Free Nations (Sovereign Unity Organization)

    Two Row Wampum Treaty


    Our numbers are a sign of declaration that we will take the stand together. We unify as a collective common global community. We unify as a many people with a common voice.


    Let's inspire a breakthrough. Let's move our collective worry, sadness, anger, frustration, and fear towards one of freedom, connection, love, unity and peace.


    Action: As a global collective, we can all take action in various ways, small or big, and share it with the community. Actions that respects your beliefs, abilities and commitments.


    We need the collective permission and agreement to take action now. By making connections, many change maker initiatives and projects, ideas and movements can get more done simply by reaching out to the ones who have committed themselves for a need to change.


    Join us on social media: www.facebook.com/earthdollar


    Your signature counts. It's the smallest, yet biggest action you can make. Sign this petition if it rings true to you. Share this petition to those around you who will resonate with it.

    Join the Water Alliance

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